22 September 2006 

All Noised Out I Guess....Blogging, The Last Resort..,

Naaaah....can't do it.....urg......back to noise....

21 February 2006 

SL1200MK2 / SL1200MK2 Servicing.... Urghhh

Looking for a service manual for the SL1200MK2 or SL1210MK2 CLICK HERE and it's all yours.....GOOD LUCK!!

I guess if you're a huge fan of puzzles, a sick turntable could become an interesting event, but it just doesn't seem to be anything but a gigantic pain in the ass from where I'm sitting at the moment.

The most frustrating part is that the problem I have is with the left feed of the RCA from the turntable itself, which, of course, has to be hardwired.

Admitedly the minimal maintainance that these things require and the fact that they're damn near bombproof (I've literally seen one dropped down about 20 stairs prior to a party and it survived to remain in the setup for the event!)... but I suspect that some of the hardwiring business is one of those "They'll have to get it serviced sometime" routines.

I can't complain though.... (although I seem to be doing so with reasonable success) .... mainly because the poor dears (as in my turntables) have been flogged without mercy for 10 years, so I can hardly complain. It's just frustrating me senseless that I've dug out a bunch of tunes that I haven't played for years and I don't have a whole lot of patience!!

I've pulled my decks apart before for a general clean etc, but I finally decided to get hold of a Service Manual to avoid stupid mistakes, and I have to say that when you realise you need to see someone to get repairs.......I just have to avoid HATING the fact that I an't do it myself...but then you find stuff like this online in regard to repairing 1200's:

"Non-technical owner had service manual and tinkered inside and managed to blow up the power supply. Main pass Tr ok but had to replace the 2 2SD637 with 2N3904 with swapped legs. Also the 5.1V zener had gone ohmic and replaced 400mW with 1.2W....."

Yeah, I kind of lost it after the first sentence but point taken....... GRRRRR.